Posted by Becky Shaddle on Oct 09 2017 at 05:00PM PDT

The Schedule

Can I request a weekend with no games?  Yes.  We accept one “bye” request per team.  While we cannot officially guarantee it, we are usually able to honor your one bye request.  Please understand that requesting a bye often means having to play more games on other game days.

Why does my team play three games in the same day (Fall/Spring League)?  In most cases, your team has three games because you requested and received a bye.  Because the bye was accommodated, you have fewer dates to play all your games.  Often times that means playing three games in one day.  Otherwise, we do everything we can to avoid teams playing three games in a day.

Can I request games at a certain time of day?  Can I request certain days of the weekend (Winter league only)?  You are welcome to provide a time of day request.  However, we rarely consider time-of-day requests while building the schedule.  The schedule is simply too complex to accommodate time-of-day requests.  You are also welcome to request specific days of the weekend.  We honor those requests on a case-by-case basis.  All teams should expect, and be able, to play games on both Saturdays and Sundays

I coach two teams.  Can you make sure both my teams don’t have games at the same time?  We do our best to make sure your teams do not play at the same time.  However, given the complexities of building the schedule, this is not something we can guarantee.

Can I request changes to the schedule after it is released?  A coach (or program administrator) may request changes after it has been released.  Schedule changes are difficult though so we make no promises of changes.  If we made an error with the schedule (for example, we scheduled your team for two games at the same time) we will absolutely change it.

Are forfeited games rescheduled?  In most cases no.  However, we will review all forfeits and make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

What if games are cancelled due to weather or reason other than a forfeit?  We will look into rescheduling all cancelled games; however we are not guaranteed to reschedule them.  Rescheduling games is very difficult and gym space is at a minimum.


The Playoffs

Does every team make the playoffs?  Yes.

How do you make the playoff brackets?  Teams are seeded within a bracket by their regular season record.  If a league is large enough, we will split the teams into multiple brackets by regular season record.  That way each team’s final games are with similarly skilled teams.

How do you decide how/where to split the playoffs brackets?  We do not have a specific policy.  It entirely depends on what the final records look like.  It varies season-to-season and division-to-division.


Division and Rosters

Can my team play up a division?  Yes.  We will allow teams to play up a division.

Can my team play down a division?  No.  Our league is grade based.  No player may be in an older grade level than the division in which they are playing.

Can a player play on two teams in the league?  In the same division?  A player may be dual rostered if those teams are in different age divisions.  No player may play on two teams within the same age division.


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